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Our Racing Team Services 

Racing Team

We have many years of experience in motor racing.

From go-karts to street and rally cars championship in Italy

With drivers as kids of 6 years old till 50!

Our team is build from passionate individuals with many years of experience in the motor sport industry including racing, teaching, building and analyzing racing cars. 

Our chief instructor has acquired his foundations of racing at the most famous racing school of Jim Russell at Donington Park, England.

Our team of mechanics and instructors has many races experience in Italy and England in many categories from Rally, Street racing ,Formula and more...


In 2011 we had a racing Go Kart team for kids

it was a winning team that did:

  • GoKarts engineering – improving engines and body setting

  • Teaching and helping the drivers to understand the circuits

  • Telemetering/analyzing data and improving the GoKart

  • Full mechanic support including engine and safety control

  • Transportation and accommodation support


Our prime driver has reached respectable places of first till seventh.

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